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“Beets are like music for your body; they just make everything better,” states the Beetology website. Beets also offer a bold flavor for “The Adventurous Consumer” looking for a healthy beverage.

Beetology, a Kayco company, launched five varieties of refrigerated craft beet beverages in March 2017:

  • Beet + veggie combines the mildly sweet flavor of beets and the sweetness of green apples, with a bit of fresh carrot juice, kale, and celery.
  • Beet + tropical fruit incorporates sweet pineapple and coconut juice, sun-ripened mangos, and a touch of lime.
  • Beet + berry adds strawberries, raspberries, and bilberries to beet juice.
  • Beet + cherry is a blend of ripe tart cherries, beets, and apples.
  • Beet + lemon + ginger combines beet, ripe apples, and the flavors of lemons and ginger.

All Beetology juices are Non-GMO Project Verified, U.S.D.A. Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade, and Parve (certified kosher). The juices contain no soy, dairy, preservatives, additives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. The suggested retail price is $3.99 for a 8.45oz bottle. The company also sells packaged, cooked, ready-to-eat whole beets and julienne-cut beets.

Why Beets?

“Beets are the new pomegranate,” said Charles Herzog, Chief Beetologist and VP of New Business Development at Kayco, in an August 2018 Deli Market News article. In a company press release, Herzog further stated, “The movement toward simple, easy-to-understand healthy ingredients is now in the mainstream… We’re especially proud of [our beets] pure, farm-to-table pedigree.”

Beets contain nitrates, which the body converts into nitric oxide. “Nitric oxide relaxes the vessels and keeps them flexible, allowing them to dilate, boosting blood flow, and helping to control blood pressure,” according to Berkeley Wellness. “Nitric oxide also has anti-inflammatory effects and helps prevent platelets and white blood cells from adhering to the lining of blood vessels, thus reducing the risk of plaque development.” The body naturally produces small amounts of nitric oxide, but production decreases with age.

For those who don’t want to drink beet juice straight, some people are using Beetology to make cocktails and mocktails —for example, margaritas and summer coolers.

Other Beet Juices

Beetology’s competition includes beet juices from:

  • Biotta Juices offers 100 percent organic, lacto-fermented beet juice.
  • Blueprint Beet Blast is a cold-pressed combination of organic apple juice, organic carrot juice, organic beet juice, water, organic lemon juice, and organic ginger juice.
  • Lakewood Organic beet juice is organic and fresh-pressed and contains just a hint of lemon juice, as does W. Knudsen organic beet juice. Pomona Organic Juices also sells an organic, cold-pressed beet juice.
  • Love Beets, primarily known for its packaged, ready-to-eat cooked beets, sells two versions of beet juice: one with 99 percent beet and one percent lemon and one with 93 percent beet, six percent ginger, and one percent lemon.
  • Naked Bright Beets blends beet juice with carrot, red apple, and lemon juices.
  • Zico combines beet juice with coconut water.

Unlike the other brands, which all come in bottles, Juice Performer sells its beet juice in cans. Beet It sells beet juice sports shots and bars. Plus, beet powder is available from companies such as HumanN, Sun Food, and Pure Synergy.

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