' Dairy Free Down Under becomes international player
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Australia based dairy free cheese company “Dairy Free Down Under” is expanding its reach to overseas markets in 2019, which is impressive considering the brand launched in 2018. However, it is not surprising that the company has been successful, with their quickly expanding product line, and consumers’ growing want for plant based food products.

The growing dairy free and vegan movements have turned a once niche market into a predominant category of foods that consumers are demanding. So far, Dairy Free Down Under is the only large dairy free food company in Australia. This has given them prime positioning and opportunity to become a major player and trusted brand by consumers over the next several years.

Even in an under-saturated market, today’s consumers want a quality experience, and have high expectations for the brands they purchase. Health food grocers understand this, and their buyers are increasingly skeptical and hold food companies to higher standards than ever in regards to ingredients, certifications, allergens, and other qualities shoppers look for. So far, Dairy Free Down Under shows they understand the complexities of creating a brand that connects with today’s consumers.

This family-run company launched in 2018, inspired by their own dietary needs. In just one year, thanks to the quality of their products, a need in the marketplace, and a little bit of luck, they have grown to a company of 30 employees with overseas distribution contracts.

For such a new company, Dairy Free Down Under has a wide range of products that include traditional cheese blocks and slices, as well as snacks and condiments. Right now, they offer mozzarella and cheddar style varieties in blocks and slices made from almonds, and cream cheese and Parmesan cheese substitutes that are made with cashews. They also make dairy free mayonnaise and aioli style condiments that fit their target market.

No matter what foods or ingredients are trending, consumers always want snacks they can count on for a quick, convenient fix. Dairy Free Down Under recognizes this with their cheese and crackers snack pack style products, which come in cheddar and cream cheese varieties.

Currently, Dairy Free Down Under has distribution deals in such places as Kuwait, Singapore, Bahrain, Malaysia, and Singapore. While they set their sights further on China, the United States, and other large markets, the plan to further entrench their foothold in the Australian market. For a company that is less than two years old, they couldn’t be off to a better start. Look for the competition in the dairy free cheese category to intensify in the coming years. This battle will take place in many aisles of the grocery store, in all types of cheese products and alternatives to traditional options that will surely tempt today’s adventurous consumers looking to cut dairy out of their diets.

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