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According to a recent article by Forbes, the nutritional supplement industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries, with a market size expected to top $60 billion in 2021. Fonterra, the well-known New Zealand dairy cooperative, is already taking advantage of this opportunity with their new all-in-one supplement that targets joint, muscular, and skeletal health.

The supplement will sell under the brand name “Bodiology,” which is meant to reflect the way the supplement is geared towards holistic health. This approach combines the traditional protein shake mix products, with vitamins and minerals that consumers are used to taking in a pill or capsule form. Created with convenience in mind, all consumers have to do is mix one 20g serving with water or milk to enjoy. Currently, Bodiology comes in three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and an original flavor. It is smart to offer people flavors they are familiar with, and love, as a way to get them to try these new products.



Fonterra seems to understand that marketing health supplements in a crowded industry requires more than unique selling points. Consumers often look to pro athletes and social media influencers who focus on health and fitness for products to purchase. Brand ambassadors can instantly boost the credibility of a product in a consumer’s mind. Much more so than just attractive packaging and nutrition benefits alone.

That’s why their partnership with former Australian Olympian and current television sports analyst Matt Shirvington makes so much sense. Shirvington is one of Australia’s all-time greatest athletes to compete in track and field events. And he is still well-known thanks to his hosting gig on a weekly football show on Fox League.

Bodiology can be purchased online, but is making its retail debut at all Woolworths supermarkets across the country. With almost a thousand locations, Bodiology is poised to have as strong of a launch as can be expected right out the gate. The Bodiology brand is the most health-focused of the range of Fonterra dairy products.

Consumers are also familiar with their Australian Dairies powdered milk, Mainland Butter, and Perfect Italiano branded cheese products. It will be interesting to see if they add more supplement style products in the future. That will certainly depend on the level of success of the Bodiology brand.

Based on the current direction of the market, the forecast looks strong for the supplement industry. In the past, the supplement market was known for serving people who spent hours at the gym, not busy parents and professionals who have a variety of healthy lifestyles. Now, we see health supplements tailored to almost every segment of the healthy population. Whether you are Paleo, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, or have other dietary restrictions, you can probably find something in every section of the grocery store that fits your needs. The same is now true in the supplement section. And with a forecast for high growth through the foreseeable future, expect even more options and innovations as brands continue to fight for consumer’s attention.

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