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Personalised nutrition: top F&B trend for 2021

Tailored to Fit is one of Innova Market Insights’ Top Trends for 2021, bringing personalised nutrition further into the spotlight and highlighting how lifestyle-specific personalised nutrition services are gaining traction.

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Personalized nutrition trend gaining momentum

Personalized nutrition has been hailed for many years as a major emerging trend. Market researchers have tagged the field as the next evolutionary step in health and wellness as consumers take greater control of their diets and seek products that meet their individual...

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Top food trends to accelerate innovation in 2021

Food trend specialist Innova Market Insights has unveiled the 2021 edition of its annual report on top food and beverage trends. The company said its report equips manufacturers, retailers and brands with the latest insights to drive innovation and answer current...

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ChickP launches Non-GMO Chickpea Starch

REHOVOT, Israel - FoodTech start-up ChickP Protein, Ltd. launches next-gen native starch developed from chickpea for food and beverage applications. It is non-GMO and a co-product of ChickP protein process using a proprietary technology.

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Transparency Tops Innova 2021 Food Trends

Brands are upping their transparency game to meet evolving consumer demands. Innova includes sustainability and clean label in this trend. A survey of consumers in 10 countries, asking them what they want to know, found product information is of major importance.

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