Ingredient Intelligence

Innovate in ingredients and find prospects or suppliers for your next winning product. Our groundbreaking food and beverage ingredient platforms offer an essential resource for ingredient development.

Features and benefits

✓ Ingredient dashboard

We have built an easy-to-use dashboard specifically designed for the ingredient and flavor industry which allows you to quickly understand the latest ingredient and flavor dynamics.

✓ Ingredient sizing

Find out where specific ingredients or flavors are growing fastest, in which categories and what the potential is in the next three years. Dive into case studies on different executions.

✓ Track and analyze claims

Understand with rich granularity which claims are trending in different categories or regions, against ongoing trends.

✓ Find solutions to meet challenging demands

Find new ways to tackle ongoing challenges such as natural, sugar reduction and sustainability by searching innovations covering texture, flavor, sweeteners and multifunctional solutions.

✓ Access reports on hot topics

Access ready to use reports built from database insights on key hot topics impacting flavor and ingredient suppliers such as ‘better for you’, ’gluten free’, ‘digestive health’ and more.

✓ Research suppliers

Understand who is at the edge of ingredient innovation and identify potential suppliers for your next new product if you work in R&D or Innovation.

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