Trend Reports

Get ahead of the curve with expert analysis designed to provide a complete view of current trends and future directions. See the big picture or get deeper into category, consumer, ingredient, flavor or packaging trends. Different subscription options are available to meet your specific needs and we offer custom analysis and consultancy.

Features and benefits

✓ Get the macro view

Innova reports include a viewpoint on the broader macro trends shaping markets globally, drawing on trusted public data sources, expert opinions and proprietary consumer research supplemented with cutting edge examples of how governments, companies and brands are responding.

✓ Understand consumer dynamics

Our consumer reports draw on insight from our annual program of consumer surveys which examine changing lifestyles, attitudes and purchasing behavior across food and beverage and personal care broadly as well as in relation to specific categories providing both breadth and depth of consumer understanding.

✓ Dive into different categories

Find out who is buying into a category, what the purchasing drivers and barriers are, the key consumption occasions and where people are purchasing. Get an overview of category sizes, company shares and NPD trends, a solid picture of the key trends shaping your category at your fingertips.

✓ Analysis of hot topics

Our expert analysts keep you up to date on the current topics shaping the marketplace like personalized nutrition, plant based eating and omnichannel eating.

✓ Ingredient knowledge

Get deeper understanding of key trends and innovations in critical areas like sugar and sweeteners, plant proteins and flavors. Our experts highlight the latest NPD trends, new and emerging ingredients and provide a view on what’s next and how to tap into current trends.

✓ Packaging trends

Our series of packaging reports keep you up to date on the key drivers of innovation like sustainability and transparency as well as the latest developments, technologies and innovations shaping the future of packaging for the food and beverage industry.

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