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Over the last couple of years, “nootropics” has become a new buzzword in the field of health and nutrition products. Recently, while scrolling through my favorite food influencers on Instagram, I was shown an advertisement for Koios brand nootropics beverages. I took a moment to learn more about the brand, and was intrigued to learn more about the nootropics trend and this new line of ready-to-drink products.

The first benefits listed on the front of the clearly designed and worded label are: Nootropics, Electrolytes, Coconut Oil, and Brain Support. According to WebMD, nootropics are any “natural or synthetic substance that may have a positive effect on mental skills.” Basically, these are supplements that claim to possibly boost memory, increase motivation, inspire creativity, and enhance other cognitive functions.

I have seen these benefits promoted in other popular drinks, most notably, Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof specializes in coffee based drinks, as well as supplements, such as their Brain Octane Oil line of products. They also use MCT coconut oil as a main ingredient in their brain boosting drinks and supplements.

Currently, Koios comes in four flavor varieties: Berry Genius, Peach Mango, Pear Guava, and Pomegranate Acai. While reviewing their website, I also found that Koios manufactures non-beverage versions of their supplement formulas, including vegan capsules and powders that contain lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms.

It seems like Koios has a real opportunity to market their products towards busy professionals and younger consumers who are looking for brain hacks to help get them through a busy day. While most of Bulletproof’s consumers use their products in the morning as an alternative to coffee, Koios can be seen as a good supplement for soda, sparkling water, and sports drinks that provide electrolytes after a workout. And with more and more younger consumers cutting out alcohol, Koios can market these drinks as sober alternatives.

Koios also show that they understand how to test new marketing opportunities and extend their reach beyond traditional healthy demographics. Over the past several years, the video game industry has developed its own version of a professional sports style industry. These “e-sports” are a huge business and draw crowds of spectators that rival those that attend major league sporting events. Some experts even predict that it won’t be long before gamer salaries are higher than professional athletes. That’s why it makes perfect sense for Koios to market their drinks to professional e-gamers. After all, gamers need their minds to be sharp 100 percent of the time while making split section decisions in virtual worlds that often mimic our own.

So far, Wal-Mart and GNC are the only stores that carry these products in my area. But I believe it won’t be long until Koios starts popping up on grocery store shelves in major health food chains, as well as smaller health food stores. The year of 2019 could be the start of more experimentation in the ready-to-drink and nootropics categories.


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