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Quest allows you to explore ideas and test hypotheses quickly. Easy to use across the three key platforms.


Quest tracks R&D and patent activity, giving you a lens into the future

Quest is the tool to understand IP and literature trends that will impact new product development and future food and beverage marketing.


Simple Installation

Familiar search style. Little or no training required to use the tool. Great for new markets, as it enables faster screening of ideas for better decision making and more successful action.


Test Hypotheses

Quest allows you to explore ideas and test hypotheses quickly. It is easy to use across three key platforms – patents, literature and new products – allowing the integration of knowledge into processes and routines. When integrated teams share ideas, exciting things happen.

Quest is perfect for an open culture and supports an environment for creating new knowledge and innovation. Quest is beneficial in:

  • Saving you time and meeting your work goals.
  • Better use of existing knowledge and the creation of new knowledge.
  • Reduces the need for key knowledge of management to support teams engaged in innovation

Landscapes and Discovery

Leverage R&D personnel knowledge: better creation, sharing and use of knowledge. Allows R&D to explore ideas and test hypothesis quickly. Easy to use across the three key platforms of patents, literature and products. Quest helps companies to leverage R&D knowledge.



Patents analysis produce their own unique patterns and inspiration. Some would argue that the best futurist is the patent expert. Before something can be marketed, it must be brought into existence and a big part of the universe of possibilities for innovation can be found in the patent data set. Professional searching and visualization tools across our platforms, offer deep valuable insights to further develop and future proof your business.


Special Added Insights

Patent office data, which you can find online is ‘first- level’ data and needs to have significant value added for industry insights.
We have developed premium tools for efficient searching. We save and reduce our customers’ time dramatically to gain insights.


Clean Data

The best insights come from big data that is assembled and curated to meet professional demands. The big data story with algorithms is largely behind us now and we are focusing on artificial intelligence solutions to empower our customers.