Consumer Insights

Understanding consumer needs, motivations and behavior is key to developing successful marketing and innovation strategies and plans. Our consumer research examines the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ behind the trends we are seeing in the marketplace and provides insight into potential future trends and opportunities.

Features and benefits

✓ Global and local viewpoints

Our annual program of global consumer surveys enables us to compare and contrast different geographic markets and consumer groups to provide a global, local and cross generational viewpoint. We cover influential markets such as China, the US and Brazil, enabling country enquiries as well as deeper understanding of consumer groups such as Gen-Z and Millennials.

✓ Expert consumer insight team

We have a core team of insight specialists with academic and commercial research backgrounds, who work in close collaboration with market analysts and industry experts to ensure our research penetrates the key hypotheses and questions and reveals the crucial insights that make the difference to your success.

✓ Macro context and key topic deep dives

Through our regular surveys we stay on the pulse of global trends in consumer lifestyles, attitudes and purchase behavior. We also explore in more depth specific areas of growth and interest, examining attitudes and behavior relating to topics like health and nutrition, plant based eating, flavor choice and sustainability.

✓ Specialists in food and beverage insight

We are experts in food and beverage, understanding how macro trends, lifestyles and eating habits are influencing purchasing trends in the marketplace. We explore consumer attitudes and behavior in key categories including dairy, snacking and beverages, and examine important themes such as health and nutrition, personalization, sustainability, and treating and indulgence.

✓ Trusted and reliable

We are committed to the integrity and quality of the data we provide, collaborating with trusted and specialist panel providers we prescreen all potential survey respondents to ensure we gather a representative sample of the general population, and take account of local differences in the way consumers respond.

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