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What’s buzzing online when it comes to women’s health? A new report by Innova shows that online discussions center on energy & stamina (38%) and pregnancy & breastfeeding (27%). When it comes to top claims in women’s specialty supplements, however, strongest growth is seen in energy & stamina, as well as hormone balance, claims in new product launches. The report “Innovating for women’s wellness: The global evolving landscape” is now available to Innova’s customers. Learn more about Innova’s reports by clicking below.

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From flavors to packaging, category trends to consumer behavior. We drill down into inspiring and intriguing cases to reveal what’s happening, why, and the implications for the sector.

Meat free burgers made from plant-based ingredients such as vegetables, grains, legumes, and proteins derived from plants
  • Novel Technologies
  • Report
Novel technologies in plant-based
When it comes to new technologies, the most important food-related benefits that consumers see, are easier food preparation and more enjoyable cooking ...
Balancing price and nutritional benefit
  • Affordable Nutrition
  • Report
Meeting demand for Affordable Nutrition
With a rising cost-of-living in many major markets, 69% of consumers say that they are actively trying to save money when buying food and beverages ...
plant based
  • Ingredient
  • Plant-Based
Global Trends in Plant-Based
Innova has captured the essence of the plant-based marketplace by showcasing innovative products, ingredient formulations ...
global dairy trends
  • Alternative
  • Dairy
  • Ice Cream
Global Trends in Dairy
Ice cream is a seasonally-tied dessert consumed worldwide. This report dedicates itself to trends in the global ice cream category ...
global snacks trends
  • Snack
  • Snacking
  • Snacks
Global Snacks Trends
This report examines global trends in better-for-you (BFY) sweet and savory snacks ...
Gen Z Trends
  • Gen Z
  • Generation
  • Zoomers
Global Gen Z Trends
Gen Z consumers differ significantly from Millennial and Boomer consumers regarding their actions and attitudes towards practicing a healthy lifestyle ...
global beverages trends
  • Beverage
  • Beverages
  • RTD
Global Functional Beverages Trends
This report examines global trends for ready-to-drink (RTD) functional beverages, focusing on consumer insights and new ...
global packaging trends
  • Consumer
  • Eco
  • Packaging
Global Consumer Eco-Friendly Packaging Choice
This report looks at consumer attitudes and overall interest in sustainability issues in the packaging arena. ...
global consumer trends
  • Consumer
  • Packaging
Global Consumer Trends
This report looks at the attitudes of consumers when it comes to packaging. Besides addressing overall interest in sustainable ...
bread and bakery trends
  • Bakery
  • Bread
Global Bread & Bakery Trends
Bread sales are on the rise, aligning with consumers' claim that they have increased their bread intake rather than decreased it ...

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