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Detailed tracking of packaging including formats, materials, closures and environmental claims. Examine the packaging strategies of specific brands and companies. Learn from the most innovative players in this space.


Innova’s yearly global packaging survey provides you with an understanding of evolving consumer expectations. Our comprehensive database presents quality images of innovative formats to inspire your concept development.

Access insights and analysis from the packaging world

New Products Database

A giant resource which grows by 600,000 unique records each year. Packaging claims, materials and imagery provide a complete picture.


Get the global view with Innova’s Top Ten Packaging Trends. In-depth analysis is provided by our experts. Plus daily news to cover all the key angles.


Our packaging specialists carry out custom projects, alerting you to the latest developments and innovations that are of most interest to your business.

Accelerate your innovation journey now



Identify the key packaging trends that are essential for success and offer opportunities to optimize your innovation pipeline.


Inspiration from detailed visualizations of packaging, ranging across categories and markets.


Focus in on the right solutions for your project, learning from previous launches and existing market examples.

Be Inspired

Packaging must satisfy many demands, from the functional to the aesthetic. Discover some of the innovations driving the industry forward.
Beauty products packaging items kept on the table in white background
  • beauty
  • Packaging
Packaging innovation in household and beauty
Household packaging is also experiencing a shift toward better environmental ...
What COVID-19 Means For Sustainability In The Food Packaging Industry
  • COVID-19
  • Packaging
COVID-19 and sustainable food packaging
European Commission unveiled a €750 billion COVID-19 recovery plan to revitalize the EU ...
Hands holding granulated sugar above a spread of granulated sugar
  • Packaging
Bioplastics facing substantial demand uplift
Packaging remains the largest field of application for bioplastics with 1.2175 million tons ...
Food Waste Trends: Pushing Packaging Innovation
  • Food waste
Food Waste Trends
Consumers are noticing more environmental claims on their food and drinks ...
Scientist wearing gloves, mask and a lab coat checking the temperature on a machine in a laboratory
  • COVID-19
  • Packaging
Minimizing COVID-19 food transmission risk
Packaging provides the invisible “chain of custody” and its importance has increased with rising ...
Woman hand holding a bio-waste 
  • Food waste
  • Packaging
Food Waste Fighters for climate change age
To discover more about the Food Waste Fighters creating packaging for the climate change ...
Woman holding a recycling bag filled with packing material to be recycled
  • Packaging
Education for a circular packaging future
The drive to reduce virgin plastics and increase circularity will impact design ...

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