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Dive into macro and micro analysis of the ingredients market.
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Innova gives you the tools to analyze the component parts of a product. Track higher level ingredient trends for the bigger picture. Drill down into specific ingredient types for detailed understanding.


Measure current and potential volumes. Discover the broader influences shaping future ingredient trends. Stay informed of what’s new and emerging. Target your research to pinpoint sources of growth.

All your ingredient needs in one place

New Products Database

Innova’s extensive database tracks 4,000+ ingredients. Your analysis can stretch from individual product formulations to worldwide trends.

Ingredient Genius

This Innova dashboard draws from a huge range of data, bringing it together to enable you to quickly focus on the key insights you need.


New ingredient uses. Emerging trends. Supply chain knowledge. Our ingredients reports are the go-to resource for deep understanding of the now and next.


Innova’s analysts have a wide-ranging understanding of the ingredient space. Our customized services can focus this knowledge on your projects.

Accelerate your innovation journey now



Understand the broader consumer and market trends influencing the use of ingredients now and for the future.


Identify gaps, opportunities and growth potential for new or existing ingredients in the category, location or market you are targeting.


Use Innova’s unrivaled market and consumer insights to identify the lead ingredients that fit with your product concept.

Be Inspired

Stay aware of inventive ingredient use and the changing tastes of consumers. Learn about the latest big movers and winning formulations.
Woman hand throwing saccharin pills on coffee cup in the kitchen at home.
  • Sugar
  • Sweeteners
Sugar Substitutes Market
Explore the latest trends in sugar reduction market, including consumer trends and expectations ...
Hands holding health supplement tablets and the bottle
  • Supplement
Supplement Trends
Explore the latest trends in the supplements market, including the rise of personalized nutrition ...
Healthy Fruits and seeds
  • Fiber
Food and Beverage Fiber Trends
Fiber is appearing in more F&B categories than before following increased consumer awareness ...
Chilled drinks in tins
  • Energy Drinks
  • Ingredient
Blends & botanicals for energy drinks
The supplements category often acts as a pioneer for certain ingredients, and it appears to be ...
Protein written on a board with sources of plant-based proteins like pulses, tofu, peas, various nuts in bowls around it
  • Ingredient
  • Plant protein
Plant protein – quantity and quality matter
Plant based ingredients are also on the rise in products positioned for babies and toddlers ...
Foods with good fats, coconut, avocado and mixed nuts
  • Ingredient
Low carb diets elevate phat fats
The newer keto diet matches or exceeds the popularity of the paleo diet, particularly among older ...
Portrait of Cooking Healthy Food Young Woman in Kitchen Looking for a Recipe on the Internet and using the tablet.
  • Ingredient
Ingredient Trends Keeping it real
A new report from Innova Market Insights assesses trends in natural ingredients, exploring the rise of natural claims ...

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