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Achieve more and go further with our new generative AI. Powered by Innova’s Insights 360 data and expert analysis using the world’s most comprehensive and dynamic CPG data sets. 

Research smarter and faster

SprintAI boosts your research and analysis capability, getting you to the quality insights you need quickly and easily so you can focus on delivering successful innovation and business growth.

Accelerate innovation

Find new opportunities, get the latest consumer insights, explore category trends, get new product inspiration, build your business case and more with the help of leading-edge AI technology. 

Why innovators use Innova SprintAI

Trusted data and expert analysis

SprintAI works on a closed loop using Innova’s immense proprietary data sets and expert human analysis to ensure high quality responses you can trust without data scraping or the risk of hallucinations.

Flexible search functionality

Ask for specific data, extract the insights you need in the way you need them from one report or conduct a search across the Innova Platform with intelligent prompts that help you to discover more.

The best technology

Built using the most advanced, robust, and reliable technology available, Innova have been using AI for 10+ years which means SprintAI is expertly designed for CPG market intelligence.

Consumer trends

Whatever your market insights question, SprintAI has the answers.

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How it works

Using a conversational interface, you simply type in your query and SprintAI will find and summarize the relevant data and insights for you in a matter of seconds.


Intelligent prompts help you to phrase your questions in the right way to get the optimum results and responses. It will also make suggestions for related queries so that you can dig deeper and discover more of the insights you need.

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