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Innova is a global market insights provider with an international network of CPG specialists covering six continents. Meet some of the skilled experts inspiring innovation and driving growth for our customers around the world.

Employee of Innova Market Insights
Xihan Ma
Consumer Insights Analyst
I lead and supervise the consumer insider reports as well as the Innova Trends survey and the Innova Beauty, Personal Care, and Household survey. A large portion of my job is content creation and guaranteeing the quality of consumer data. I particularly enjoy working with our customers to thoroughly understand and cater to their needs by filtering and implementing their feedback into the survey design.
Employee of Innova Market Insights
Lex Hoogen
Global Sales Manager
I am responsible for overseeing and managing the overall satisfaction and success of our customers. Through monitoring and analyzing key performance metrics, I identify opportunities for expansion. Working closely with cross-functional teams, we help to develop the strategies which optimize growth.
Employee of Innova Market Insights
Lucas Treur
Business Development Manager – Europe
My main tasks involve working closely with our customers on a common journey to identify and pursue new opportunities for growth and expansion. Helping our customers develop and achieve their goals is the best part of working at Innova.
Founder of Innova Market Insights
Patrick Mannion
Overcoming challenges and maximizing opportunities for our customers is the reason Innova Market Insights began and how it continues to inspire today. Taking a lead from the integrity of peer reviewed science, we ensure our people and technology complement one another. Providing the right insights, informed by the most robust data in the CPG world.
Employee of Innova Market Insights
Nicole Jansen
Team Manager Insights & Innovations
I lead the global customer success team at Innova Market Insights and my goal – very simply – is to make our customers happy and their life easy. Our team acts as an extension of our customers’ teams and is therefore able to identify solutions that bring most value to their particular business.
Employee of Innova Market Insights
Marta Delgado del Río
Account Manager
I work with the other talented teams at Innova to support our customers’ decision making by ensuring we provide them with the latest trends and insights. One of my favorite activities is to participate in our customers’ internal innovation sessions and workshops, sharing ideas and brainstorming together for a common goal.
Co-founder of Innova Market Insights
Lu Ann Williams
Global Insights Director
I think my superpower is connecting the dots between a macro view of the world, food trends, the consumer and the changing drivers in our industry. All backed up by the best data and insights. I love talking to our customers about their ambitions and, most of all, helping them achieve their goals.
Employee of Innova Market Insights
Myrthe de Beukelaar
Senior Market Analyst
As a strategic project lead, I bring my market expertise to support our customers at the front end of innovation. Using a collaborative, insight-oriented approach to help them identify new opportunities that fit with their business priorities.
Employee of Innova Market Insights
Akhil Aiyar
Projects Leader
Co-ordinating resources across HQ, China and India allows me to stay on top of best practice wherever it comes from. I’m here to make sure we provide not just the right insights, but also the right match for the personalities and processes of our customers.
Employee of Innova Market Insights
Enric Tardio
Business Development Manager
At Innova Market Insights you are welcomed by a young, international team. I have a challenging but at the same time exciting role where I am constantly in touch with leading CPG companies . We work together on the innovations that shape the future of our industry.

Our values


We embrace change and value diversity of thinking and culture.


We empower our customers and teams to achieve their full potential.


We actively encourage new ideas and innovation from every source.


We believe in the power of collective knowledge to get the best results.

Woman Explaining about Innova Market Insights clients with the insights and trends

At Innova Market Insights, we believe in being more than the sum of our parts. We work with you to make your innovation journey faster, smoother and more successful.

What we do

Track trends

Innova tracks consumer, category, product, ingredients, flavor and packaging trends.

Generate insights

In-depth, expert analysis focuses on the now and next, capturing emerging opportunities.

Inspire innovation

We give our customers the confidence to make bold decisions based on detailed market understanding.

Everything you need to take bold strategic decisions. With the confidence that comes from having the best data, research and analysis at your fingertips.

Team members are seated in the conference room to make strategic decisions

How we do it

Insights 360 approach

Innova combines consumer, category, product, ingredients, flavor and packaging insights. Giving you both the detail and the bigger picture.

Latest technology

AI is used across Innova’s Platform to deliver enhanced predictive analytics, more robust data and richer visualized insights. 

Platform for everything

A comprehensive resource bringing together databases, dashboards and ready-made specialist reports. Providing multi-level access to the latest insights.

Investment in data quality

We invest heavily in capturing and providing the best quality data available. Assured by our rigorous checking and validation systems.

How we work with you


Insight assessment

Working together, we build an understanding of your business and your particular insight needs right from the start.


Armed with this knowledge, we tailor the right package of Innova products and services that work directly for you.

Tailored To Fit

Your Innova Customer Success manager works with you to create plans suited to the skills and practices of your teams.


We ensure you get the most out of your Innova package from day one, all easily integrated into your workflows.

Ongoing support

We stay close to your changing commercial and insight requirements, with Innova's expert support always on hand.

Innova by the numbers

Years of experience


Founded on the commitment to provide the best quality CPG data. We have been supporting customers to make better decisions for three decades.

Innovation captured


Our 1,200+ in-country researchers capture accurate, detailed new product launch data daily. Innova has the world’s markets covered to ensure up-to-the-minute insights.



Whether it’s the global picture or local understanding our customers need, we’ve got it covered. Trends, developments and innovation in all major markets.



Innova’s vast New Product Database is the industry’s leading collection of innovation. Expanding every year with 600,000+ new records.

Working at Innova

We actively encourage talented and driven like-minded individuals who want to be part of a growing global company. With Innova, you will help shape the future of innovation in some of the world’s most vital and vibrant sectors.

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