ingredient genius

A groundbreaking market intelligence tool for food and beverage ingredients. An instant overview of ingredient usage, categories, markets and growth opportunities.

Macro to granular analysis in one place

A complete overview of market opportunities for ingredients. A dashboard which instantly reveals business opportunities by showing the key trends, prospects, recent innovations and more.

Real-time data for the most current insights

Real time data from the world’s biggest food and beverage database to understand market dynamics. Making it easy to spot growing or emerging ingredients, new applications and growth markets.

Why innovators use Ingredient Genius

Identify growth opportunities

Understand current ingredient usage by company, category and geography to find new prospects and applications for your ingredient.

Inspire innovation

Track ingredient trends and get insight into what’s new, emerging and innovative to inform your R&D strategies and plans and inspire concept development.

Create compelling selling stories

Use comprehensive insights covering consumer, product and category to support successful selling stories and develop targeted launch plans.

Insights sneak peak: pea protein



growth in NPL's




growth in pea
protein textured





are leading



Meat substitutes -
top and fastest


How it works

Search engine capability enables you to use a “free text search” to get to the ingredients and insights you are looking for in just a few clicks. 


Different tabs show a variety of insights from a top-level overview of the ingredient application to detailed analysis of ingredient types, top and emerging categories and a full analysis by “growth stage” – growing, to watch, niche stable, in decline.

Growth opportunities for pea protein unlocked


Business need

An ingredient company wanted to understand the current and future potential for pea protein to identify growth opportunities and inform the roll out plan for their new ingredient.


Ingredient Genius provided a ‘Now and ‘Next’ understanding of the pea protein market using a growth stage model. Category opportunities, growth markets and prospects were identified in just a few clicks.


The company had a complete view of the pea protein market in minutes saving time and money on market analysis and enabling them to develop a more successful launch strategy and plan in less time.

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