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Anticipate trends, stay on top of the latest developments. Access fresh data daily, captured by 1,200 in-country researchers.

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Identify new opportunities and how to unlock them. We support you across your innovation journey from early project scoping to detailed concept development.

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Focus on the critical factors for success based on the latest market insights. Build and fine tune your growth plans with data you can trust.

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Innova combines consumer, category, product, ingredient, flavor and packaging insights. Giving you the detail as well as the bigger picture.

Track changes in consumer lifestyles and behavior by demographic, category and market.
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Discover trends and drivers shaping CPG categories now and for the future.
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Experience the world’s most comprehensive new product database.
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Dive into macro and micro analysis of the ingredient market.
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Know which flavors are trending and what’s next.
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Know which flavors are trending and what’s next.
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One platform for everything

Bringing together databases, dashboards and specialist reports. Expert analysis, built from Innova’s own data and enhanced by AI. Instant multi-level access to the latest insights.

Customized analysis to uncover the insights you need now

Dive into the detail, backed by advanced analytic tools and expert support.

Be inspired

From changing consumer attitudes and category trends through to new ingredients and packaging dynamics. We cover it all.

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Trust is a big issue with data. Using too many sources clouds the view and can hold you back. Innova’s transparency around data quality and integrity, our extensive coverage and ease of navigation makes it not only quicker to get to what you need to know, you can also feel confident that your key business decisions are built on the strongest foundations.

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