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Anuga and Innova strengthen partnership to provide greater content for tradeshow participants

Innova offers new product tracking and market trend insights essential to the food and beverage industry, allowing business leaders to gain a deeper understanding of all main categories and their specific target audience.

For many years Anuga and Innova have nurtured a strong partnership, creating educational content online as well as on-site: visitors can meet Innova experts at the live trade show to discuss their business goals and learn how market insights can help them define their strategy.

Insights into consumer preferences and values, new product developments, innovative ingredients and market trends are what makes Anuga more than an inspiring meeting place for vendors: the event is in fact an opportunity for business leaders to expand their knowledge and determine their course of action.

Ahead of the October 2023 event, visitors can explore Anuga’s dedicated specialty fair webpages on topics such as frozen food, dairy and out-of-home; learn about a variety of selected food trends including alternative meat proteins and ancient grains; and find essential insights for key topics such as halal, kosher and private label. On these webpages Innova shares essential, up-to-date market insights that inform exhibitors and visitors alike on a multitude of relevant topics for the food industry.

Anuga will also offer a regular blog in collaboration with Innova that provides a deep-dive into trending themes. An inspirational, two-part blog exploring the metaverse and its impact on the F&B sector has already been published: click here for part 1 and here for part 2. Keep an eye on this page for future content.

Finally, followers can look forward to a series of co-hosted webinars in 2023, with Anuga and Innova offering a more engaging experience. Webinars will be announced on the companies’ respective websites, social media platforms and in e-newsletters.

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