REPORT Spoonable Dairy & Non-Dairy Yogurt Market in the US

This report discusses trends in the US spoonable yogurt category including dairy and non-dairy. While the US continues to be a very important market globally for yogurt, sales and NPD are declining. Non-dairy yogurt has been a popular alternative, with sales continuing to rise, but now that it’s mainstream and has become very competitive, NPD has declined. Health claims are very popular across the US yogurt category, with US yogurt seeing some of the highest penetration of popular health claims such as protein, fat and probiotics. Despite the downturn in NPD and sales, there continues to be development in both dairy and non-dairy. Alternatives to traditional yogurt using dairy identical ingredients is an area to watch.

Identify main players and spot opportunities and threats. Use consumer-related statistics to identify trends and market opportunities. Understand what is driving consumers. Gain insight into future predictions about the category.

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