REPORT Top 10 Trends 2024: Trend #2 – Nurturing Nature – Global

This report discusses issues related to Innova’s #2 trend for 2024 – “Nurturing Nature”. It uses analysis of consumer research and launch trends to assess the growing importance of nature protection as a core principle of the food and beverage industry. The health of the planet is a significant concern for modern consumers, and they are demanding ever more from business, expecting companies to go beyond sustainability and take responsibility for making a positive difference to the planet. This comes in many forms, but demands are highest for sustainable water usage, forest protection and the use of green and renewable energy. Although NPD geared specifically towards these issues remains niche, it is rising rapidly. Similarly, interest in planet-friendly farming strategies is increasing and some suppliers are now making claims related to vertical farming, regenerative agriculture, etc. The report also discusses the potential dangers of greenwashing, however, and the need for transparent and honest messaging of environmental claims.

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