IngredientGeniusAI: A Game Changing Market Intelligence Tool for Food Ingredients

Complete and in-depth understanding of food ingredients ​

Innova’s number one trend for 2024 is Ingredients: Taking the Spotlight. Consumers are looking out for ingredients that bring benefits to the products they consume. Trends are being driven by food ingredients. Hero ingredients can drive product success. There are also major shifts underway in the food and beverage industry that are driving demand for new protein ingredients or new clean label solutions. It’s never been more important to stay on top of ingredient trends.

Innova’s IngredientGeniusAI is a time saving ingredients intelligence tool created by ingredient intelligence experts. It provides macro to granular analysis in one place and provides an instant overview of the ingredients market.

This new tool is the best source of market intelligence for food ingredients, built on top of the world’s most comprehensive and granular dataset of ingredients. This groundbreaking tool provides trustworthy, reliable and global insights into the food ingredients market. For any business looking to stay on top of ingredient trends, understanding their application across categories, or prospecting for new customers, Innova’s tool is a game-changer.

Insightful and Actionable Data at Your Fingertips

At the core of IngredientGeniusAI is a dashboard that presents a 360 view of ingredient usage, highlighting key trends, prospects, and recent innovations. This macro to granular analysis is critical for businesses seeking to identify market opportunities. Real-time data from the world’s most extensive food and beverage database empowers users to identify emerging ingredients and growth markets quickly and easily.

A Catalyst for Innovation

Innova’s IngredientGeniusAI isn’t just a tool for watching current ingredient trends; it’s a platform for inspiring future innovation. By tracking ingredient trends, the tool provides insights that are vital for informing R&D and innovation strategies and fostering new concept developments. These insights can also shape compelling narratives for product launches, providing the backbone for targeted marketing strategies.

Food Ingredients

How It Works: Simplicity Meets Sophistication

IngredientGeniusAI is made with a user-friendly interface, featuring search engine capability for quick access to insights. The dashboard is intuitively designed with various tabs offering both high-level overviews and detailed analyses of ingredient types, categories, and growth stages—identifying and categorizing ingredients as growing, stable, or in decline.

Tailored Benefits for Suppliers and Manufacturers

For ingredient suppliers, the platform offers the ability to track ingredient trends, informing future innovation investments and identifying growth opportunities. It serves as a key tool for innovation, highlighting what’s new and upcoming in ingredients.

Food manufacturers also benefit, with the ability to spot gaps and opportunities for new or existing ingredients. Understanding these elements is crucial for developing products that meet current consumer and market demands as well as anticipate future needs.

Expert-Designed, AI-Enhanced Analysis

Innova’s IngredientGeniusAI uses AI-enhanced analysis that provides predictive analytics, ensuring that the insights delivered are not just current but also future-oriented. The data is visualized in a manner to provide instant insights, enabling users to make informed decisions quickly.

Comprehensive Coverage for Strategic Decision-Making

The tool’s comprehensive approach offers 360-degree insights covering trends, products, and consumer behavior. With thousands of ingredients tracked, businesses can see macro-level trends and drill down to specific data points. The ‘Now and Next’ feature using a growth stage model adds another layer of strategic insight, helping users pinpoint the lifecycle stage of various ingredients.

Customization and Ease of Use

Understanding the need for customization, IngredientGeniusAI allows users to tailor visuals and charts to their specific requirements. Its search capabilities are streamlined to ensure that users can access the insights they need with minimal effort, enhancing the overall strategic planning process.

Innova’s IngredientGeniusAI helps businesses in the food and beverage sector craft a well-informed pathway to innovation and market leadership. With its real-time data, AI-powered analytics, and comprehensive insights, IngredientGeniusAI is a game-changing tool for anyone serious about food ingredient market research.

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