Generation X Trends

Explore the latest trends about Generation X within the global food and beverage industry

July 9, 2024 – The food and beverage industry is rapidly evolving, driven by technology, sustainability, and consumer preferences. A significant factor shaping consumer behavior is generational differences. Innova’s 360 research into Generation X trends reveals their priorities and preferences, paving the way for brands to make strategic decisions for developments.

Generational Profiles

Gen X consumer trends research indicates that this generation is characterized by high household disposable income, often living on two people’s paychecks. Most of them have reached career plateaus, leading to stable income levels.

Compared to Gen Z and millennials, they are less physically active and prioritize healthy food choices, focusing on bone and joint health for healthy aging. Consumers’ satisfaction with their mental and emotional health increases as they age, but stress and anxiety remain major concerns for Gen X, unlike boomers, who emphasize memory and mental agility.

Over the past year, 43% of Gen X consumers preferred socializing at home. They mostly use digital platforms to connect with others, for entertainment, and work. However, they are less experienced with digital technology.

Generation X Trends

Gen X Consumer Trends

The key shifts in consumer behavior across generations are driven by global megatrends such as inflation, health concerns, and sustainability. While inflation and financial constraints affect all generations, Gen X place a significant emphasis on saving. Gen X consumer trends research shows that 27% of Gen X consumers are more likely to cut back on food and beverage expenses and prioritize saving due to future uncertainty.

Eating healthily is the top eating-related value for all generations, followed by accessibility and affordability. Sustainability and honesty and transparency are significant eating values for Gen X. In terms of physical health, they mostly focus on weight management and heart health.

Sustainability is a growing concern across all generations. Gen X trends emphasize minimizing food waste and choosing local produce, reflecting their rational approach to sustainability and health. This generation is focused on incorporating sustainable practices into their daily lives while maintaining financial priorities.

Gen X Health and Wellbeing

There is a strong emphasis on healthy living, with nutritious diets and physical exercise being key priorities across all generations. Gen X consumer trends research displays that nearly 2 in 3 older consumers are satisfied with their mental health, while sleep and insomnia remain primary concerns.

Gen X are motivated to manage their weight to enhance longevity and prevent chronic conditions. They are also physically active and prioritize bone and joint health, reflecting their interest in healthy aging. Several brands, such as Moringa’s Cenobee cocoa powder and Ramen Greens Kodo millet cookies, are capitalizing on these healthy claims to attract consumer attention.

Pleasure and Enjoyment Among Gen X

Gen X trends reveal that 2 in 5 consumers globally consider fresh ingredients as the most important element in enjoying food and beverage products. Although this preference spans across generations, there are some notable differences in the drivers of enjoyment and pleasure. Gen X and boomers emphasize nutrition and realness, whereas younger consumers favor new taste discovery and sweetness. Several brands are launching products featuring nutritional, fresh elements, and unique flavors to cater to consumer interest.

What’s Next in Gen X Trends?

Across all generation, sustainability is a rising concern, prompting brands to create sustainable food and beverages with added health benefits. Gen X consumer trends research highlight that this generation focuses on preventing or managing chronic conditions. Brands can leverage this opportunity by developing products with functional ingredients to improve their overall health through their diet.

Honesty and transparency are key eating values for Gen X, who emphasize nutrition and realness as drivers of enjoyment and pleasure in food. Brands might focus on innovating natural and nutritious products and enhancing transparency in product communication. Continuous innovation in these areas to meet evolving demands is likely to gain Gen X consumer attention.


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