Global Yeast Market: Top Ingredient Trends

Explore the latest trends in yeast ingredients across the globe, including the growing demand for taste and sustainability

July 8, 2024 – Yeast ingredients are rising globally for their versatility in enhancing natural flavors and offering numerous health benefits. Innova’s 360 research in food and beverage categories allows for valuable insights about consumer preferences and innovations in yeast ingredients across the globe.

Versatility and Innovation in Yeast Applications

Yeast ingredients have seen a significant rise of 6.2% in new launches over the past five years. Pet food is the most dynamic category, accounting for over a quarter of new products containing yeast ingredients, driven by the demand for improved nutrition. Packaged food and beverage yeast and yeast products are also steadily growing, reflecting the versatility of the ingredient.

Global yeast market research displays that consumers prioritize products containing yeast ingredients with no additives or preservatives, high source of protein, vegan, and indulgent and premium claims. This trend signifies the rising consumer preferences for yeast products with health benefits.

Active Yeasts in Packaged Food and Beverages

Active yeast plays a significant role in fermentation and specific processing functions. Over the past five years, there has been a 3% rise in new product launches featuring active yeast in packaged food and beverages. In 2023, bakery is the top category with 44.5% of global launches containing active yeast ingredients, followed by ready meals and side dishes, alcoholic beverages, and snacks.

Bread and bakery-based products like pizza, sandwiches, and baked main dishes are driving new product developments in the ready meals and side dishes category. In the meat, fish, and eggs category, the growing use of crumb coatings has boosted yeast’s presence on ingredient labels. This indicates the increasing applications of active yeast in various products.

Yeast Extracts for Taste

Over the past year, almost 5% of all packaged food and beverage product launches have contained yeast extracts to enhance flavors. This growth is slightly faster when compared to new product developments in packaged food and beverage yeast market.

Ready meals and side dishes, and snacks are the top categories in global launches featuring yeast extract ingredients in the past five years, reflecting consumer demand for strong flavors in savory categories. There is also significant growth in meat and meat substitutes utilizing yeast extracts to add more value to products.

Taste is the key for plant-based consumers, prompting brands to incorporate yeast extracts to improve the flavor of their products. Over the past year, several brands have launched products in the market, such as Plant’s Korean Style fried chickn, Happiee’s Plant Based Shrimpiee, and Ah Terra’s plant-based bacon containing yeast extract to enhance taste.

Global Yeast Market

Yeast Trends in Pet Food

Yeast market trends show that more than 1 in 4 new pet foods contains yeast ingredients, chosen primarily for their health benefits such as additional protein, B vitamins, and prebiotics. Cat and dog dry foods are leading in global launches of pet food, accounting for 59% and 50%, respectively, highlighting yeast’s significance in pet nutrition.

Active health claims are important in pet foods containing yeast ingredients. Global yeast market research shows that high source of protein, digestive and gut health, omega-3, immune, and skin health are the top 5 claims in this category. Consumers rising interest in prebiotic benefits derived from yeast, particularly mannan-oligosaccharides, underscores its vital role in pet nutrition.

Yeast Trends in Supplements

Yeasts are also used in supplements to enhance human well-being and nutrition. However, penetration of yeast ingredients in supplements has remained steady in recent years, with about 3% of new supplement launches featuring yeast ingredients in 2023.

Global yeast market research displays that consumers are mostly influenced by immune health claims in supplements, followed by energy, stamina, and skin health. Brands like Soul Strips’ Immunity Defender supplement and Lea Nature Biosens Hair Supplement are targeting various health benefits to gain consumer interest. This highlights yeast’s potential role in delivering different health benefits through supplement developments.

Yeast Trends in Technology

Yeasts play a key role not only as ingredients in food, pet food, and supplements but also in driving the ingredient revolution towards sustainable futures through fermentation. Many innovators are leveraging yeast and bacterial fermentation for sustainable and cost-effective ingredients that minimize resource depletion.

Big companies like Cargill, with its EverSweet fermented stevia, and Cultivated Biosciences’ plant-based creamer reflect this trend by leveraging yeast fermentation to shape a sustainable future in the food and beverage industry. Global yeast market research displays that consumer interest in these processes and innovations is visible, driving high R&D investment in developing plant-based alternatives that meet evolving consumer needs.

What’s Next in Global Yeast Trends?

Sustainability is the key driver for yeast products, thus driving innovations in this category. Brands can capitalize on this trend by promoting sustainability and yeast’s green benefits through product communication, like packaging. As consumer demand for savory foods becomes more sophisticated, there might be potential opportunities for brands to use yeast extracts to enhance taste in popcorn, mayonnaise, salad dressings, and advanced cheese products.

The plant-based market is likely to move towards more processed and convenient options with new flavors. Furthermore, the rising demand for international dishes indicates that yeast extracts could help suppliers deliver authentic tastes. Technological advancements in yeast-based ingredients may drive new standards for sustainability and flavor innovation in the food and beverage industry.


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