Good Catch drives tuna innovation for adventurous vegans

29 Apr, 2019 Good Catch, creators of popular “fish free” vegan fish products, is a perfect example of a growing brand that understands today’s consumers and current food trends. In 2018, they launched a line of alternative tuna based products that quickly became favorites among vegans who miss eating fish.

Their products are already sold at all Whole Foods stores, which is a great sign they are positioned for success in 2019. With their unique flavor varieties and clear packaging, it’s easy to see why health-focused meat eaters who are looking to wean towards a more vegetarian diet would give these a chance. Good Catch is a good role model for other companies in today’s conscientious consumer driven landscape.

Part of their mission is to bring awareness to the ways that fishing has depleted and polluted the world’s oceans. Like many smaller companies that break into the mainstream, Good Catch was inspired by founders who want to fill a need in the food industry and promote sustainable business practices. The chefs behind these unique products author a popular blog called Wicked Healthy, which shows readers ways to prepare healthy guilty pleasures and creative recipes that are vegan. More than ever, consumers want to know the faces behind the brand. And they want to know that the company is trying to leave a small environmental footprint. Good Catch does a great job of recognizing what people are looking for in products and a brand.

Good Catch’s flavor variety

Good Catch offers three varieties of plant based tuna products: Olive Oil and Herbs, Mediterranean, and Naked. The naked product allows people to modify any tuna recipe with a real tasting alternative. The Mediterranean and Oil and Herb varieties can add extra flavor to salads, antipasto, appetizers, and many other recipes that could include tuna.

They also have frozen entrée and appetizer products for consumers looking for quick, mostly prepared options. Their frozen Crab Free Cakes can be fried in a pan or oven baked in a matter of minutes. And since everyone loves burgers, Good Catch has slider style burgers, and traditional style fish free burger patties. It only makes sense they would offer these additional products. Meatless burger products have been popular with vegans and vegetarians for years. And that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.

Good Catch makes sure to offer a broad selection of plant based alternative protein products to meet the growing dietary preferences of today’s eaters. Their products are all gluten and dairy free, as well as non-GMO. They are currently working towards their organic and kosher certifications, which will enhance their credibility even further. In place of fish based omega-3 fatty acids, they promote the use of algae oil as a healthy alternative. They also credit this ingredient to the authentic, but subtle, seafood style taste of their products. The ingredient base of these products is a blend of chickpeas, fava, lentils, navy beans, peas and soy.

What’s next?

For adventurous foodies who want to try these products, look no further than the recipe section of their website that contains several unique creations. In 2019, consumers are proving more adventurous than in the past. The “Adventurous Consumer” trend is applicable to the plant based product category as companies innovate with plant based proteins and new product styles, flavor profiles, and recipes. Good Catch could be a good candidate for mainstream adoption by consumers who are not only vegans or vegetarians, especially as the big retail chains continue to follow Whole Foods’ lead and fill their aisles with healthier options.

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