Juice Market in the US and Canada

Explore how the juice market in the US and Canada is evolving

June 5, 2024 – The world of juices and juice drinks is evolving rapidly, driven by consumer demand for healthier, more sustainable, and innovative options. Here we examine the North American juice market, analyzing the latest trends, product launches, and consumer preferences. We’ll explore the key subcategories within juice and juice drinks, including the leading players and their strategies. We’ll also highlight the growing influence of health claims, ethical considerations, and flavor trends that are shaping the industry.

Juice Market Product Launch and Sales Trends

In the past year, North America has accounted for 9% of global juice and juice drink new product launches. Claims of clean labels, ethical environmental claims supported by certifications from FSC, application of green energy and renewable energy, incorporation of upcycled ingredients, and use of recyclable packaging help support the regions new product development. In sales, North America ranks third in the juice and juice drink category, behind Europe’s and Asia Pacific’s juice markets. New product development of juice and juice drinks compared to overall soft drink launches has remained largely steady within the past few years.

The juices and nectars subcategory leads in product launches within the juice and juice products category, representing an average of 64% of product launches. Product launches have also been increasing in the subcategory since 2021. Fruit and flavored still drinks represent the remainder of new product launches in the category. Bolthouse Farms is the leading company for juice and juice drink launches in the region, driven by fruit and vegetable blends, combination of berry fruits, balanced energy offered with caffeine and L-theanine from tea leaves, and use of ingredients rich in vitamins.

The US is the larger market for juice and juice drink launches and sales compared to Canada. Both regions have been growing in product launches, by 4.8% and 4.5% in the US and Canada respectively. Digestive health boosting choices with herbs, bromelain from pineapples, probiotics, prebiotics, preparations with antioxidant rich ingredients, and omega 3 rich options help drive launches further in the North American juice market.

Juices and Nectars

The juices and nectars subcategory has grown in product launches within the past five years, representing an average of 63% of launches within the juice and juice products category – focusing on innovative and health-conscious options.

Key trends driving product launches include fruit juices extracted through cold-pressing (helping preserve natural flavors and nutrients), protein and fiber enrichment, mineral-rich additions, indulgent 100% fruit juices like pomegranate, black cherry, red tart orange, and grapefruit, honey-sweetened recipes, and gourmet juice blends. These juice market trends suggest a growing consumer preference for functional, flavorful, and premium juices and nectars.

Juice Market

Fruit and Flavored Still Drinks

Fruit and flavored still drink launch share has remained relatively steady in the past five years, representing an average of 37% of juice and juice drink launches in the region. Launches are driven by lemonades in multiple flavors, juice shots made with tea, fruit punch ranges, cocktail preparations with diverse flavor blends, and additions of jelly bites to offer texture.

Juice Positioning Trends

No added sugar is the top positioning in the region, with 30% of juice and juice drink products featuring this claim. No additives or preservatives, GMO free, gluten free, and organic are also seen often in the category. Digestive and gut health, probiotic, high fiber, and immune health claims are gaining popularity, particularly in the United States. Vegan claims are also on the rise. No additives and preservatives claims hold the highest share in Canada. These trends suggest that consumers are increasingly seeking healthier and more ethical options in their juice and nectar choices.

Juice Flavor Trends

Orange is the most popular flavor in the North American juice drinks market. The next most popular are red apple, lemonade, mango, and pineapple.

However, emerging juice market trends indicate a growing preference for beetroot, cherry, aloe vera, ginger, lemon, and berry flavors. In the US, beetroot, cherry, and aloe vera are gaining popularity, while in Canada, ginger, lemon, and berry flavors are on the rise. This suggests a shift towards more diverse and unique flavor profiles, potentially driven by consumers’ increasing interest in health and wellness benefits associated with these ingredients.

What’s Next in Juice Market Trends?

Canada should be watched as a faster growing juice and juice drink market than the US. The country registered a 2.1% increase in sales between 2021 and 2023, with new product development driven by cannabis-infused options, spice blends, and adaptogenic ingredients.

Juices and nectars are the top subcategory and will likely stay that way for the foreseeable future. Additionally, organic is the fastest growing claim in the category, and natural positionings are seen increasingly often in Canada. Health related positionings in general are growing within the category, suggesting continual consumer interest in the beneficial aspects of juice and juice drink products. Companies can further invest into innovating within the space, finding new ways to reduce ingredients such as sugar, and increase active health benefits.


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