Mints and Gum Market in the US and Canada

Check out how the mints and gum market in the US and Canada is developing

July 10, 2024 – The world of mints and gum is a dynamic one, constantly evolving to meet the changing needs and preferences of consumers. Here we will explore the North American mints and gum market, analyzing the latest trends and innovations in the popular confectionery category. From the rise of natural and clean label claims to the growing popularity of unique formats, we will examine the key drivers shaping the future of mints and gum.

Product Launch Trends

North America is the smallest region for mints and gum launches, representing 7% of launches in the global mints and gum market. Comparatively, Europe represents 32%, Asia Pacific represents 28%, Latin America represents 17%, and the Middle East and Africa represents 15%. Options catering to consumer’s dietary needs with a variety of free from ranges, persistence of clean label claims, and launches packed in varied types of packaging help sustain new product development in North America.

Mints and gum launches have fluctuated within the past five years in North America, representing an average of 5% of launches in the confectionery category. Among the product bases, mint was the most common, followed by peppermint and spearmint.

Mint launches contributed to an average of 45% of launches in the category in the past three years, while gum represented the remaining 55%. However, in the past year, mints have risen to occupy 53% of product launches compared to gum’s 47%. Traditional choices, seasonal products, and limited editions help push mint launches in North America.

The US represents the vast majority of mints and gum launches compared to Canada. However, especially in the past two years, Canada has been increasing its launch rate substantially faster than the US, with a 69% CAGR over the past three years. Vegan choices, sugar free ranges prepared using bulk sweeteners and gums claiming oral health aiding in fresh breath, removing stains and whitening teeth, help drive product development in Canada.

Gum Market Trends: Category Review

Gum launches represented an average of 57% of product launches in the mints and gum category in the past five years. Formulations crafted using caffeine promoting energy and alertness, launches with low/no/reduced calories, sugar free gums, gum balls/chewing gum made in fruit flavors, and alcohol inspired flavors remain attractive.

The brand Mazee represents 20% of gum launches in North America, supported by its 100% natural offerings, bubble gum flavored ranges, options of fruit flavors, and her/spice flavored choices.

Mints and Gum Market

Mints Market Trends: Category Review

Seasonal editions, chewy options, fresh mint flavored mints, peppermint starlights, and pinwheel mints in different colors helped drive the increase in mint launches in the past year in North America. Ferrero represents 39% of mints launches in the North American mints market, driven by its brand Tic Tac. Mints with an assortment of fruit flavors, and choices with citrus flavors drive the company’s new product development.

Positioning Trends in the Mints and Gum Market

The key positioning trends in the North American mints and gum market are driven by consumer demand for healthier and more functional options.

Sugar-free claims dominate (49%), particularly in Canada, followed by low calorie claims (19%). Oral health claims are also gaining traction, with gums claiming to aid fresh breath, remove stains, and whiten teeth.

Natural and no additives or preservatives claims are emerging, reflecting the increasing consumer preference for clean label products. Seasonal claims are also prominent, with brands launching limited-edition offerings for holidays and special occasions.

Energy and alertness claims are also emerging, with gums containing caffeine becoming more common. This trend reflects the growing demand for functional foods and beverages that can provide an energy boost.

Mints and Gum Market Flavor Trends

The mint and gum category in North America is experiencing a dynamic shift in flavor preferences. While traditional flavors like peppermint and spearmint remain popular, newer options are gaining traction.

Strawberry has quickly shot to the top as the most used flavor in new product launches, climbing from 3.2% of launches in 2021 to 8.8% currently. Spearmint is the next most popular flavor at 8%, followed by peppermint at 4.4%. However, in Canada spearmint and peppermint are far more popular than strawberry.

Blueberry, wintergreen, orange, berry, and lemon flavors are all growing in popularity as well.

What’s Next in the North America Mints and Gum Market?

The mints and gum category in North America is poised for continued growth, driven by several key trends.

While traditional flavors like peppermint and spearmint remain popular, there’s a growing demand for unique and indulgent options. Blueberry, berry, and wintergreen are emerging as top contenders, particularly in the United States.

Consumers are interested in products that support their health goals. Sugar-free, low calorie, and oral health claims are gaining traction, with sugar-free being the most dominant claim.

Consumers are looking for convenient formats and sustainable packaging. Flip lid packs, wrappers, jars, and standing pouches are becoming more prevalent.

The focus on innovation is evident in the rise of limited-edition offerings, such as carbonated beverage-inspired flavors and seasonal ranges. Additionally, there’s a growing interest in natural ingredients, vegan options, and bulk sweeteners.

While the United States leads in overall launches, Canada is showing strong growth in the gum category, particularly with products claiming oral health benefits.


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