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Explore how Innova's Top Ten Trends impact UK food market trends

May 30, 2024 – Innova’s Top Trends of 2024 can be seen across all categories throughout the globe. Here we will focus on UK food market trends, analyzing which of the ten trends are most identifiable and influential in the region. The top trends “Prioritizing Prevention,” “Plant-Based: The Rise of Applied Offerings,” “Local Goes Global,” “Home Kitchen Heroes,” and “Ingredients Taking the Spotlight” are all seen in different ways within the UK.

Trend #1 Prioritizing Prevention

“Prioritizing Prevention” refers to the consumer interest in preventing health concerns before they arise, driving them to products that meet their personal wellbeing needs. More than one in four consumers in the UK claim to be proactive in preventing health issues. Weight management, heart health, and bone and joint health are the top physical health concerns for consumers. However, different generations emphasize different health problems. Younger generations care more about skin health and energy, while older generations care more about weight management and healthy aging.

UK food trend research also indicates that prebiotic and brain health claims are also on the rise. There has been an 18% increase in prebiotic claims, and a 10% increase in brain health claims between 2021 and 2023.

Trend #2 Plant-Based: The Rise of Applied Offerings

The next top trend most noticeable in the UK food market trends is “Plant-Based: The Rise of Applied Offerings.” This trend follows the rise of plant-based foods being adapted into familiar formats and dishes, to more easily allow consumers to embrace plant-based products.

One in three consumers in the UK are willing to consume plant-based alternatives because it brings variety to their diet. Additionally, over half say that they are willing to try plant-based versions of familiar food and beverage products. In the past five years, products with a plant-based or vegan claim are seen 6% more often.

Regarding the different types of plant protein, wheat, pea, and soy are all established within UK food market trends. Lentil and mycoprotein should be watched as growing sources of plant protein.

Chinese, Mexican, and Italian are the global cuisines consumers are most interested in trying plant-based versions of.

Trend #3 Local Goes Global

In the “Local Goes Global” Top Trend, consumers are interested in foreign dishes created with local ingredients. Three in five consumers in the UK say that they are open to trying new global cuisines. Products based in the cuisines of India and America have seen a growth of 5% and 8% respectively in the region. A multitude of products can be seen in the region based in international cuisines, that also use local ingredients, such as a chicken tikka meal kit with British chicken.

Almost half of consumers in the UK say that they actively look out for claims of locally sourced ingredients on products. Equality, ingredient transparency, sharing of food, and national pride are also common values consumers follow in their diets. Additionally, the UK government is helping consumers make informed decisions about their product selections, recently announcing plans to increase transparency in food labeling to make sure high-quality British food stands out from the crowd.

UK Food Trends

Trend #4 Home Kitchen Heroes

The next trend, “Home Kitchen Heroes,” reflects how in the ever-changing landscape of modern lifestyles, home kitchens are emerging as alternative venues that enhance social occasions and adapt to evolving lifestyles and budgetary realities. This trend has been gaining momentum, with a 35% increase in home cooking observed over the past 12 months.

Consumers are increasingly seeking convenience and quality in their culinary experiences. They are drawn to products that offer ease of preparation, allowing them to whip up classic dishes with high-quality ingredients in the comfort of their own homes. The home kitchen heroes trend encompasses a variety of products and services that cater to this growing demand. These include ready-to-cook meal kits, pre-prepared sauces and marinades, and even online cooking tutorials and tips. These offerings empower consumers to create restaurant-quality meals at home, fostering a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment in the cooking process.

Furthermore, home kitchens are becoming important places for socializing and connecting with loved ones. Consumers are embracing the opportunity to experiment with flavors and cuisines from around the world, transforming their homes into culinary hubs where they can share memorable experiences with family and friends.

Trend #5 Ingredients: Taking the Spotlight

“Ingredients: Taking the Spotlight” is the final Top Trend in discussion, referring to how companies are using key ingredients with health benefits to drive consumer interest. Consumers are interested in the ingredients in their products, with one in four saying that they always look at ingredients of interest on the product pack.

Protein is one of the top ingredients of importance for consumers, seen as the most important by 36% of consumers. Beyond muscle growth, energy and stamina, and weight management are the top reasons consumers focus on protein. Other star ingredients consumers are interested in include vitamins, fiber, omega-3’s, and minerals.

Consumers also value healthy ingredients in more indulgent formats. Companies can be seen capitalizing on this consumer interest, with indulgent treats sporting healthier ingredients, with claims like no added sugar, and no nasties.

What’s Next in UK Food Trends?

Companies should keep an eye on the evolving health trends in the UK food market. As some worries grow, and others fade away, consumers will be searching for products that help prevent new health concerns. This is especially true for new generations, as Gen Z already demonstrates a heightened focus on skin health compared to older generations.

UK consumers are also cooking at home much more, where they are more willing to experiment with flavors. Alongside, popularity of global cuisine- based products is on the rise. Brands should look to increasing opportunities for consumers to try new global cuisines through home cooking, creating convenient formats for these dishes.


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