Yogurt Market Trends: Spoonable Non-Dairy Yogurt in the US and Canada

Explore how spoonable non-dairy yogurt is developing within the US and Canada yogurt market

June 5, 2024 – Spoonable non-dairy yogurt incorporates many different yogurts that are similar to dairy yogurts except for the different yogurt base. Spoonable non-dairy yogurts include yogurts with a base of soy, oat, hemp, coconut or lupine. Some spoonable yogurts contain soy extract but these typically contain a dairy base also, so they are not considered non-dairy. Spoonable non-dairy yogurts typically are labeled dairy-free.

Yogurt Market Trends: North America Ranks Third for Launches

Looking at a recent one-year period, North America ranks third in the world for spoonable non-dairy yogurt launches. Europe dominates the subcategory, with seven times the share of North America. Asia Pacific is number two and has a slightly larger share than North America for spoonable non-dairy yogurt. Within North America, the US has a larger share that Canada of the spoonable non-dairy yogurt market. Spoonable non-dairy yogurt is the 12th largest food and beverage subcategory in North America.

Coconut is the Top Base for Spoonable Non-Dairy Yogurt

Yogurt market research indicates that coconut is the top base for spoonable non-dairy yogurt, with about 3 in 10 launches made with coconut milk and/or coconut cream. Oat milk and almond milk follow but their share of the spoonable non-dairy yogurt market is smaller. Some spoonable non-dairy yogurts include grains such as oats or rice starch on their ingredient list. The texture of spoonable non-dairy yogurts sometimes is described as smooth, creamy, or silky. Cocojune Products is the leading company for spoonable non-dairy yogurt launches in a recent one-year period, influencing yogurt trends with its coconut-based products.

Details to Enhance Spoonable Non-Dairy Yogurt

Manufacturers of spoonable non-dairy yogurt in the US and Canada often provide details to describe their products. Some of this language includes ‘hand scooped meat from young Thai coconuts’ as well as Greek-style spoonable non-dairy yogurts in flavors such as vanilla, blueberry, and peach. Ingredients can include organic cultured coconut or flavor combinations of fruit, spice, and floral, such as lemon plus elderflower and vanilla plus chamomile. Other details incorporate earth friendly and sustainable language – spoonable non-dairy yogurt prepared using certified organic plant-based ingredients or products packaged in a plastic neutral paper-based cup.

Yogurt Market Trend

Vegan Dominates Spoonable Non-Dairy Yogurt Claims

Vegan is the top claim on spoonable non-dairy yogurt in the US and Canada yogurt market, appearing on a solid 8 in 10 launches and continuing to grow. The related claim, plant-based, is used to describe about one-third of spoonable non-dairy yogurt launches. Claims that are becoming more widely used are organic, no additives/preservatives, and low sugar. Among allergen-free claims on spoonable non-dairy yogurt are gluten-free, lactose-free, and dairy-free. Clean label claims on spoonable non-dairy yogurt launches in North America are driven by GMO free, organic, and no additives/preservatives. In addition to the top five claims on spoonable non-dairy yogurt launches in the US and Canada, protein claims also are growing, especially in Canada.

Functional Ingredients are Important

According to yogurt market trends research a proportion of US and Canadian consumers look for launches of non-dairy spoonable yogurt, as well as non-dairy drinkable yogurt, with functional ingredients. These can include calcium, iron, probiotics, and prebiotics. Probiotics claims appear on a solid share of new product launches and pertain to a variety of different bacteria strains.

Top Flavors Include Vanilla and Fruit

Vanilla continues to be the top flavor in spoonable non-dairy yogurt launches. It is followed by the berries strawberry and blueberry, plus peach and mango. Additionally, red raspberry and mixed berry are growing in popularity. This is consistent with consumer trends showing that consumers look for fruit and superfruit flavors in non-dairy yogurt. Fruit flavors claim over half of all launches over a recent one-year period. Fruit blends also are becoming popular in spoonable non-dairy yogurt launches. These can include tropical fruits like guava plus passion fruit and berry blends like red raspberry plus strawberry.

What’s Next in Spoonable Non-Dairy Yogurt Launch Trends?

Meeting consumer trends regarding interest in protein and protein-rich products in the food and beverage market, manufacturers are expanding their protein bases. Proteins emerging in spoonable non-dairy yogurt trends include pea protein, potato protein, and chickpea protein. Fiber is desirable, so watch for use of fibers such as citrus fiber and inulin in spoonable non-dairy yogurts. Prebiotics are gaining popularity for improving digestive health, gut health, and immune health. In addition to inulin, prebiotic ingredients in spoonable non-dairy yogurt can include chicory root and oligofructose. Spoonable non-dairy yogurts with over 1 billion live and active probiotics cultures per serving also will remain popular in the United States and Canada.


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