The Zero-Proof Cocktails Revolution in the US and Canada

Check out the current trends and movements surrounding the Zero-Proof cocktail revolution

April  8, 2024 – An uptick in the prevalence of nonalcoholic beverages has been identified in Innova’s global market research. Whether they are called zero alcohol, zero proof, or nonalcoholic, the trend away from alcoholic beverages appears to be here to stay. ​

Social Media is a Hotbed of Zero Proof Activity 

Social media is the information and news home of Gen Z and Millennials. On platforms such as X, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, trending key words include zero-proof cocktail, non-alcoholic cocktail, zero-alcohol cocktail, mocktail, alcohol-free cocktail, and no-proof cocktail, with corresponding hashtags of #zeroproof, #alcoholfree, #nonalcoholic, #mocktails, #zeroproofcocktails, #mocktail, #noalcohol, #nonalcohol, #mocktailrecipes, #alcoholfreecocktail, #nonalcoholiccocktails, #drinkswithoutalcohol. Post COVID pandemic, zero-proof cocktails, also known as mocktails, also became popular. They have evolved to replicate the complexity of alcoholic beverage cocktails.

Social media impact can be measured in different ways to determine consumer trends. Social media engagement represents total user interactions around terms related to non-alcoholic beverage across paid, earned, and owned posts. Impressions estimate the total number of views based on the influencer’s number of followers. Any mention of non-alcoholic beverages is counted, and mentions trends are tracked over time. Reach describes the total number of new users who view messages and content about non-alcoholic beverages while views counts the total content seen around non-alcoholic beverages.

Zero-Proof Cocktails are a Solid Consumer Trend 

Zero-proof cocktails are proliferating on North American social media platforms. Consumer trends show that most consumers have positive or neutral sentiments about zero-proof cocktails. The tag #mocktail is most widely used in posts about zero-proof cocktails. Zero-proof cocktails feed consumer trends around drinking because they are guilt-free and health-conscious. This appeals to consumers who are aware of health and wellness and who want to enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage in a social setting so that they can avoid the effects of alcohol. Many zero-proof cocktails are creative and unique so they support consumer trends toward social drinking in a stylish way. The alcoholic beverage industry has responded to consumer trends and consumer demand with zero-proof cocktails and a variety of other non-alcoholic beverage alternatives, including alcohol-free spirits and non-alcoholic beers. Consumers today have alcohol-free options that go beyond the more traditional sodas and waters.

Zero-Proof Cocktails

Consumer Trends Support Mindful Drinking 

Consumer trends show a change in attitudes about drinking alcoholic beverages. Non-alcoholic beverage alternatives are part of mindful drinking. This has many benefits, including social participation, aligning with broader movements for mindful consumption, and enhanced inclusiveness for designated drivers, abstainers, and others who choose not to drink alcoholic beverages. Mocktails and zero-proof spirits are especially popular for both taste and well-being, and the rising demand for non-alcoholic drinks has fueled innovation across the beverage industry. Mixologists, bartenders, and beverage companies all are creating new zero proof options in spirits and mocktails.

Young Millennials, Gen Z, and Women Drive Zero-Proof in Social Media  

Young Millennials account for approximately one-third of social media mentions of zero-proof cocktails.  Social media posts that mention zero-proof also are driven by women. The reason that Millennials and Gen Z drive social media posts about non-alcoholic beverages is their generational focus on health and well-being. Many Millennials and Gen Z in the US turn to non-alcoholic beverages because they want to limit drinking to moderation, or avoid alcohol altogether, and they make mental health a priority. New events showcase the success of events that encourage socializing without alcohol. The media also supports the zero-proof movement with articles about and recipes for Dry January mocktails.

Bartenders Reinforce the Zero-Proof Era 

Bartender innovation with healthier non-alcoholic beverage alternatives helps support the zero-proof era. In the US, the drinking rate is down younger generations because they are more health-conscious. Well-known bartenders are observing a post-pandemic consumer trend toward sobriety. So bartenders are taking innovation in non-alcoholic beverages more seriously.

What’s Next? Companies Innovate Around Non-Alcoholic Beverages 

Several companies are innovating in the zero-proof space. The Molson Coors Beverage Company recently launched its first non-alcoholic cocktail line. The line, called Roxie Zero-Proof Cocktails, features three flavors, mango, pineapple, and passionfruit. This is the company’s first direct-to-consumer line of zero-proof cocktails. Roxie emphasizes the craft cocktail experience without alcohol and promotes its tropical flavors that are highly appealing to consumers. The brand’s 12-ounce cans can be purchased online from an independent branded website.

Niche brands offer non-alcoholic beverages that showcase taste, health, and creativity. Mixoloshe produces award-winning non-alcoholic drinks for those who appreciate flavor without the alcohol. Their products are low in calories, low in sugar, gluten free and made with natural ingredients.


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