WEBINAR Consumer Trends: Opportunities for 2024

Webinar On-Demand: “Consumer Trends – Opportunities for 2024”
Discover five consumer trends presenting opportunities for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) marketers and innovators globally. Invaluable insights and inspiration for businesses and brands as we look to 2024.

Join us to understand how changing lifestyles, attitudes and behavior are shaping future needs and demands with a specific focus on the rapidly evolving food and beverage industry.

We will explore:

How the world of socializing and treating is evolving
Ways in which brands can cater to more home-centric lifestyles
The impact of a more knowledgeable, conscious and self-sufficient consumer
What consumers are prioritizing in their drive for healthier lives

Webinar: Consumer Trends – Opportunities for 2024

Innova’s Consumer Trends provide the macro context for our Top Ten Trends in Food & Beverage. Launching in November, the Top Ten Trends identify future directions and innovation opportunities for the food and beverage sector.
Combined, these webinars offer a comprehensive trends picture for 2024 and beyond, equipping business leaders with the knowledge and inspiration to propel their brands successfully into the future.


Consumer Trends 2024 Webinar

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