New Product Insights

Discover the latest innovations before they become trends. Our cutting edge, new product database is the most extensive and granular global database of consumer packaged goods launches in the market. It contains millions of unique records from across over 90 countries. Track the latest trends and new product launches from around the world and benefit from fresh data every day.

Features and benefits

✓ Best dashboard, fast analysis

Search our extensive database by selecting different fields with our new product development tracking tool. Save searches for later access anytime and anywhere. Search by aisle, category, product claims, ingredients and more.

✓ Quick visualization, easy to share

Easy to visualize charting of data with the ability to export data and images to different formats (JPEG, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word HTML and XMLF). Share information with other users in your company or download into presentations.

✓ Deep dive capability

Get to a high level of granularity with specifics such as packaging materials and measurements, nutrition details, launch dates, retailer, price, claims, flavors, textures and more. Export full color, high resolution images, full ingredient lists, product descriptions and details such as nutritional data and company information. All the information that appears on a label or bar-code is captured.

✓ Global 24/7 tracking

Be the first to know about the latest developments and new products. Receive email alerts of new product launches to keep you informed and ahead of the curve. Choose from daily, weekly or monthly updates.

✓ Illustrate opportunities

Bring innovation opportunities to life with the latest NPD examples and deep dive into brand launches over time. Show how ingredients and claims have been used to create competitive advantage and carry out research on parallel categories to inspire your innovation plans.

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