Balancing priorities for healthy living

Younger groups are increasingly taking a lifestyle approach that encompasses physical, mental and emotional aspects. The greater focus on health, driven in part by the COVID-19 pandemic, has resulted in the adoption of healthier habits for many and increased awareness of the importance of paying attention to ​both physical and mental wellbeing, which are increasingly interlinked. ​

Physical exercise continues to be a leading way for consumers to improve both their physical and mental health alongside improving sleep, with diet also playing an important role. ​

Younger consumer groups are leading some key trends in health and wellbeing, including tailoring to individual needs, more focus on mental and emotional wellbeing and growing use of functional foods and beverages as part of an overall shift to positive nutrition. ​

Aging well is also a top consumer driver for adopting a healthier lifestyle, rising in importance with age. Looking good is a primary driver especially for younger groups, who place greater emphasis ​on physical fitness and appearance. ​

Consumers will continue to have greater influence and control over their personal health with access to more information and tools.​

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