Conscious Consumer – Balancing Planet and Pocket

Health of the planet was the number one global issue of concern among consumers in 2022 and the extreme heat and weather witnessed in many countries made the issue of climate change feel more immediate and real. ​

Innova’s research points to greater consumer consciousness around social, environmental and ethical issues overall.  Health driven consumers are the most likely to be taking action to improve the environment, especially those aged 25-44 years and with higher income.​

Consumers value products which are fresh, local and environmentally friendly, we’ve seen more interest in local and self-sufficiency over the past two years.

Conscious Consumer

We continue to see signs of consumers taking more personal control over their impact on the environment. Actions that can save money or don’t cost more are popular, especially among consumers who have experienced a worsening financial situation.  ​

The cost-of-living crisis could further boost consumer action in areas such  as reducing food waste and recycling/upcycling, and as a result we could see a more resource-aware consumer emerging.

​Innova’s Consumer Trends 2023 Report provides in depth insight into the key trends shaping consumer demands and behavior.  It also examines how brands are responding and highlight’s themes for innovation. Contact us to find out more.

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