Sugar and Sweetener Trends: Global Market Overview

Explore the latest sugar and sweetener trends, including popular flavors and brands leading the category

April 18, 2024 – Through our extensive research on the current sugar and sweetener market, we have identified key insights into the rising and falling trends of today. Included in this discussion is region specific research, top brand information, and the most popular flavors and claims seen on sugar and sweetener products.

Sugar Trends: Category Analysis 

Sugar and sweetener new product introductions have grown by 6.3% between October 2020 and September 2023. Within the category, free from claims such as lactose free, clean labels, unbleached options, launches free from sulfur, and preparations that help in regulating blood glucose levels made from stevia, as well as others, help move new product launches.

Asia Pacific is the leading region for launches of new sugar and sweetener products. The region holds 33.8% of the global share of new launches, followed by Europe with 29.9%. Spiced launches, antioxidant rich jaggery powders, addition of prebiotics, rock sugar, and launches from diverse natural sources drive new product development in the Asia Pacific region.

Brands Leading the Category 

Merisant is the top company in sugar and sweetener new product launches, with 2.7% of the global share. Formulations with acesulfame K + aspartame, liquid formats made with stevia and sucralose used in recipes as drops, and convenient pocket packs in tablet formats, all push the launches at the company.

Heartland Food Products Group is the second most active product launcher of new sugar and sweetener products, holding 1.9% of the global share. Unique combinations in their popular “Splenda” brand, and stevia extract preparations in their “Nevella” brand boost new product development.

Sugar and Sweetener Trends

Sugar Trends: Top Claims 

Low, no, or reduced calories is the most common claim on sugar and sweetener products. Organic is seen almost as often, although it has been dropping in popularity between 2022 and 2023. In April of 2022, organic was more popular than low or reduced calorie claims.

Vegetarian, gluten free, and natural are the next three most commonly seen claims. Other positionings growing in popularity are plant based, no added sugar, lactose free, diabetic, and reduced fat.

However, the top claims of specific regions tell a different story. In North America, gluten free is most popular, in Europe it’s organic, in Asia Pacific it’s vegetarian, Latin America is low calorie, and the Middle East and Africa is natural.

Top Sugar Flavors 

When it comes to flavored sugar and sweeteners, vanilla is the most common flavor in new products. From 2022 to 2023, the flavor has grown in popularity from 2.4% of new product launches to 3.1%. The next most popular flavor, hovering around 1% of new product launches is cinnamon. Ginger is the third most popular, seeing a notable spike in popularity between October 2022 and March 2023. Bourbon Vanilla, and Jujube, are the final two popular flavors within the top five.

When comparing across regions, Europe registers the highest share of new product launches with vanilla. In America, vanilla also has a strong presence, but is also less popular than cinnamon. In Asia Pacific, ginger is by far the most popular flavor, completely outpacing vanilla and cinnamon.

An example of new sugar and sweetener products with vanilla flavorings is Yoyosuukar Vanille: Pure Cane Granulated Sugar With Vanilla, from Senegal, and Bioswena Cukier Wanilinowy: Vanilla Sugar, from Poland. Cinnamon flavored sweeteners can be seen in Harris Teeter’s Sugar and Cinnamon Ground product, from the United States, and Realsa Gula Semut Kayu Manis: Sugar With Cinnamon, from Indonesia.

What’s Next in the Sugar and Sweetener Market?  

With Asia Pacific being the most active market for new sugar and sweetener product development, it is worth keeping an eye on the region as a driver of future innovation. The low, no, or reduced calorie claim is continually growing. However, free from claims, such as gluten free and lactose free, should also be noted as common claims in new product development. Gluten-free positionings has increased by 1.6% in 2023 and will likely continue to grow.

The demand for sugar-reduced products is an innovation driver, with growing positionings of sugar free in North America and Asia Pacific, and diabetic in Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Europe. New products in the category are focused on low, no, or reduced glycemic index, supported by coconut or palm sugar with less glucose content. Brands are also innovating with fiber-rich, reduced sugar solutions.

Also of note is the focus on additional health benefits in new sugar and sweetener products. Formulations include vitamin C or A, calcium and magnesium, potassium, vitamin B, and iron.


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