Top Food Trends in France

See how the current top food trends are developing within the French market

July 3, 2024 – The food and beverage landscape in France is steadily evolving, driven by a complex interplay of health consciousness, local sourcing preferences, and a growing demand for sustainability. Innova’s 360 research in food and beverage categories allows for valuable insights about consumer preferences and innovations in the French market.

Here we take a look at how five of our Top 10 Trends of 2024 are most noticeable within France: “Nurturing Nature,” “Plant-Based: The Rise of Applied Offerings,” “Local Goes Global,” “Indulging in Health,” and “Oceans of Possibilities.”

Sustainability Food Trend

In France, consumers are reflecting the food and beverage trend, ‘Nurturing Nature,’ by demanding brands to take responsibility toward sustainability and actions to make a positive difference in nature protection. French consumers are prioritizing brands that contribute to environmental and social causes. Most consumers in France consider nature protection to be the most important brand activity to support environmental and social causes.

Food trends research in France reveals that consumers associate nature protection with animal welfare, leading to an 8% rise in animal welfare-related claims in French products over the past five years. More than 1 in 2 French consumers consider carbon emissions the most crucial factor in determining a product’s sustainability, highlighting the significance of carbon footprint claims.

Consumers are also seeking claims that display an ongoing commitment to reduce carbon footprints, minimizing food waste, and protecting the environment. This rising awareness has driven rapid growth of nature-related claims in the French food and beverage industry.

Plant-Based Food Trend

‘Plant-Based: The Rise of Applied Offerings’ is one of the leading food trends in France, fueled by consumer demand for familiar and recognizable options. Consumers are increasingly adopting plant-based products but still look for a sense of familiarity and clarity. This trend is evident in the growing preference for plant-based versions of well-known dishes and formats, providing both comfort and ease.

Innova’s food trend research displays that the plant-based trend, particularly in standalone formats, is under the spotlight in France over the past four years. Dairy is the top category for products with plant-based claims (44%), followed by desserts and ice creams (17%) and sports nutrition (11%). The fastest growing categories with plant-based claims include bakery, ready meals and side dishes, baby and toddlers, and hot drinks.

Capitalizing on the trends, brands are launching products that cater to consumer desires, such as, Kokiriki’s plant-based cordon bleu, Alpro’s oat-based drinks, and Hari & Co.’s ready meals. This highlights the integration of plant-based options into everyday consumption habits, offering a convenient and delicious way to embrace more sustainable and healthier lifestyles in France.

Top Food Trends in France

Global Flavors Trends with Local Authenticity

The food and beverage trend ‘Local Goes Global’ highlights the rising interest in diverse culinary experiences that blend local authenticity with global influences. Consumers in France are increasingly seeking food and beverage options that promote locally sourced ingredients, reflecting their community values.

46% of consumers in France look for flavors they have tried at a restaurant or street stalls in the supermarket. This food trend is reflected in a 15% rise in Greek moussaka and an 11% increase in Chinese sweet and sour flavors over the past five years, demonstrating growing interest to experiment at home with products that offer new flavors.

Companies and brands are tapping into this interest in international dishes while emphasizing local ingredients. For example, Sibon highlights selected French quinoa and bulgur, and Old El Paso offers a Teriyaki Flavour Fajita Kit inspired by Mexican cuisine. This indicates a growing trend towards combining global culinary experiences with locally sourced products, meeting consumer demand for both novelty and community-focused values.

Health-Conscious Indulgence

In France, there is a shift towards indulgent food and beverage choices that promote health. The ‘Indulging in health’ trend emphasizes how health-conscious brands are developing products that offer indulgence without compromising nutritional value.

Innova’s food trends research highlights a rising interest in indulgent treats with health benefits. More than half of consumers globally are willing to compromise on indulgence for healthier food choices. This indicates a growing interest in healthier as well as indulgent options.

In France, consumers seek indulgent foods that also provide health benefits, such as weight management, heart health, and bone and joint health. There is a 75% rise in weight management claims in indulgent categories. Energy, high protein, palm oil-free, and plant-based claims are also growing strongly in the space. This trend signifies a strong consumer preference in France for products that satisfy both cravings and health goals.

Food Innovation in the Ocean

The French food and beverage industry is focusing on marine ingredients that meet consumer demand for health, novel ingredients, and taste. The ‘Oceans of Possibilities’ trend highlights the development of marine farms as sources of new and environmentally positive ingredients. Over the past five years, there has been an 8% rise in new launches containing sea plant-based ingredients, including varied species of algae, marine collagen and spirulina, driven by growing consumer interest in sustainable and nutritious options.

Food trends research in France highlights brands are moving beyond traditional seafood to explore new culinary experiences and sustainable practices. There is a 41% increase in new product launches in fish and seafood substitutes, driven by consumer preferences for health and environmental concerns.

Consumers are seeking products made from algae and plants, leading brands to innovate in plant-based offerings, particularly in snacks. For example, ZALG’s crispy seaweed sticks and Sauve Chlorella’s snack bar feature chlorella.

In essence, this trend signifies the potential for marine ingredients to take a more prominent role in plant-based food products, aligning with growing eco-consciousness among consumers.

What’s Next in Food Trends in France?

Health is a key driver in food trends in France, with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental protection. Initiatives such as the ‘anti-food waste’ label highlight France’s efforts to minimize food waste, encouraging brands to develop innovative packaging solutions that may enhance shelf life of products.

However, despite the focus on health, taste and quality remain primary factors for French consumers. This presents opportunities for brands to innovate healthier and more indulgent options, ensuring that taste and quality are not compromised.

There is a growing preference for plant-based products that offer familiar dishes and formats. Brands may focus their attention on plant-based alternatives in the meat and dairy categories to meet this evolving demand. Additionally, they may emphasize local sourcing of ingredients via product communication in packaging, which is likely to resonate with consumers in France.

Moreover, seaweed and algae present promising opportunities as sustainable and innovative sources of food and nutrition. This may lead to new culinary experiences and eco-friendly practices in the food and beverage industry.

Therefore, the shift towards prioritizing health, sustainability, and plant-based options, alongside innovations in food packaging and sourcing, may drive the future of food trends in France towards more eco-conscious and nutritionally balanced choices.


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