Chocolate Market Trends in the US

Explore the latest chocolate market trends, including consumer insights and plant-based trends the US chocolate confectionery market

February 12, 2024 – Chocolate is highly popular in the US. Value sales in the US chocolate market are growing although the number of new product launches declined between 2021 and 2022. Still, chocolate launches are stable as a percentage of total food market trends in launches.

US Consumer Trends for Chocolate Focus on Supermarkets and Dollar Stores 

US consumer trends show that US consumers buy chocolate in many different ways. The supermarket is the number one chocolate retail outlet, followed by nearly one-third of US consumers who buy chocolate in a dollar store. The types of chocolate bought by US consumers include chocolate bars, chocolate blocks, unwrapped chocolate pieces, wrapped chocolate pieces, and chocolate confectionery, including holiday chocolate releases.

US Consumers Buy Chocolate for Many Reasons 

Research into US consumer trends regarding the chocolate market shows that consumers in the US purchase for many reasons, including for its real chocolate ingredients, followed by indulgence and premium quality. According to US consumer trends regarding the chocolate market, the chocolate features that American consumers focus on are for chocolate confectionery products are flavor first, then cost, and then brand.

Consumers in the US Chocolate Market Purchase for Convenience and Taste 

Convenience is more important for US consumers in the chocolate market than for consumers globally. US consumer trends show that nearly one in four US chocolate consumers purchase for convenience, compared to one in six consumers globally. US chocolate consumers buy chocolate for taste and indulgence and to make themselves happy. In the US chocolate market, consumer trends show that chocolate confectionery is consumed more often than chocolate bars. US consumers prefer milk chocolate over other varieties, saying that it is sweeter and more affordable. About one in five US consumers of chocolate reports increasing chocolate consumption compared to one year earlier.

Chocolate Market Trends in the US

In the US Chocolate Industry, Some Features Are Up 

Category dollar sales are growing in the US chocolate industry. However, the number of launches in the US chocolate market dropped slightly in the five years between 2018 and 2022. This drop was driven by a decline in launches of chocolate bars and chocolate blocks, that is, chocolate bars that can be broken into blocks. In contrast, US chocolate industry launches of unwrapped and wrapped chocolate pieces increased over the same five year period almond milk for dairy milk. Advances in chocolate technologies can help recreate dairy milk features.

Supporting the trend Farming the Future, claims on US chocolate product launches include regenerative agriculture and low-waste farming concepts.

What’s Next? Continued Health-Indulgence Balance 

In the US chocolate industry, expect continued balance between healthy and indulgent. For health, better-for-you US chocolates will showcase ongoing advancements in sweeteners and dairy alternatives since consumers prefer sweet milk chocolate. Indulgent US chocolate features can include tantalizing flavors and luxurious textures.

Companies in the US chocolate market will support regenerative farming techniques that contribute to the long-term viability of cocoa production while minimizing environmental impact. Cocoa beans will be higher quality and will have unique flavor profiles.

Also watch for varied indulgent and exciting flavors, especially as novelties of during seasonal and holiday times.


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