Pizza Market Trends in the US and Canada

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June 7, 2024 – Many different types of trends shape the pizza market in the US and Canada. Some of these are macro-level influences that impact all countries globally, including the US and Canada. Others are global food and beverage trends that change year-to-year and reflect changes in the food and beverage marketplace. Consumer trends also shape the pizza market and pizza trends.

What is Pizza?

Innova Market Insights considers pizza to be all chilled and frozen pizza sold in the food marketplace. Calzones are considered part of the pizza market but pizza pockets are not. They are analyzed separately as sandwiches.

North American Consumers Seek Everyday Treats

US and Canadian consumers prefer to reward themselves with smaller everyday treats, especially treats they can drink or eat, like pizza. According to consumer research conducted by Innova, stress relief, comfort and mood boost are key drivers for consumers treating themselves. Comfort and mood elevation are top reasons given by Canadian consumers while consumer trends for the US show that stress relief and mood boosting motivate everyday treating.

At least half of North American consumers say that they are spending more on foods and beverages, including treats and indulgences like pizza. Smaller numbers of consumers increase consumption of convenience foods as treats.

Top Trends in 2024 are Relevant to Pizza

At the end of each year, Innova Market Insights issues its list of Top 10 Trends for the coming year. Several 2024 trends are relevant to pizza. Ingredients: Taking the Spotlight highlights the importance of ingredients. Many consumers say that protein is the most important ingredient, and consumers seek new choices in crusts and toppings. Plant-Based: The Rise of Applied Offerings showcases plant-based alternatives and the willingness of consumers in Canada and the US to try plant-based versions of meat and poultry on ready meals such as pizza. The trend Home Kitchen Heroes highlights how consumers are eating at home more often and prioritize their spending to include special foods and beverages for home. Pizzas, both family-size and individual, offer great flexibility for socializing at home.

Pizza Market Trends: Growing Sales

Pizza sales are projected to grow based on value in the US, the largest pizza market in the world, and in Canada, the seventh-largest global pizza market. However, pizza launches have declined in North America. This includes both private label pizza brands and manufacturer brands. About one-third of pizza launches are private label and two-thirds are branded.

Pizza Market Trends

North Americans Eat a Modest Amount of Pizza

Canadian consumers eat slightly more pizza per capita than US consumers, but per capita consumption in the US is growing faster than in Canada. Still, pizza consumption by US and Canadian consumers is below global leaders in Western Europe and Australia. Per capita pizza consumption in North America is projected to be flat in the coming years.

US pizza market research indicates consumers in the US enjoy pizza more often than Canadians do, often several times a week compared to no more than once per month. Pizza consumption in North America goes down with age and up with income. Dinner is the most popular meal for pizza, followed by lunch. Pizza is more popular for lunch and snack in the US than in Canada.

Pizza Market Trends: Key Health Claims and Ingredients

On pizza launches in the US and Canada, no additives/preservatives is the top health claim, followed by gluten-free, high/source of protein, and GMO-free. Plant-based and vegan claims are present on smaller percentages of North American launches in the pizza market.

The top ingredients in pizza launches in the US and Canada are vegetables, led by onions and olives, flour, especially wheat flour, cheese (mozzarella, Parmesan), and meat and poultry, including beef, salami, and chicken. Flours that are used less often include rice flour, soy flour, fermented wheat flour, oat flour, and konjac flour.

Flavors are Traditional While Crusts Show Creativity

Pepperoni ranks as the favorite flavor within the pizza market. Cheese toppings such as mozzarella and quattro formaggi are popular and so is sausage. Hand-tossed, hand-stretched, and sourdough crusts are growing in popularity. Other crusts to watch are cauliflower, chickpea, and dough made with Greek yogurt. Crustless pizza is popular too. Bringing the restaurant experience home features descriptors such as wood-fired and stone-baked.

Watch for Stability and Changes in North American Pizza

The future of pizza in North America is expected to be a combination of traditional and innovative. Traditional trends to watch for include traditional flavors and “restaurantization” of pizzas sold in markets. What’s new includes innovation and creativity in toppings and crusts, Italian imports, expanded choices in gluten-free crusts, plant-based pizza, and limited edition varieties.


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